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Teaching boys is one of the most rewarding endeavors in education, but also one of the most challenging. Boys have specific learning needs that if left unmet, result in misbehavior and misunderstanding, and in the end, boys become discouraged and lose opportunities to be successful academically.

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Since 1884, St. John’s Northwestern Military Academy has been successful in educating boys because we know boys. We know most boys thrive in a structure that holds them accountable and provides them individual guidance to be successful. Boys want to do well, but at times with all the distractions and false messages about manhood, our culture confuses them, making constructive and positive choices difficult. Boys are looking for people who believe in them and will dedicate themselves to their success.

We understand this. Our programs are designed for boys and our staff is trained to understand and work with them. Boys need clear direction and to know what is expected of them in a program that challenges, but doesn’t overwhelm. We believe boys are relational learners and need a positive relationship with the teacher to be successful in the classroom. Our teachers are trained to use classroom strategies that build these types of relationships through projects, discussions and other methods.

Our goal with each boy is to work on or improve time management and organizational skills along with assuming responsibility. We want our young men to be good sons, grandsons, husbands, fathers and active members of their community. These skills are developed within our leadership program embedded in our four pillars – academics, spiritual and character development, athletics, and our military traditions.

Reaching boys is our mission. We feel there is no greater reward in education than making the difference in a boy’s life.