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The mission of the Academy’s athletics program is to instill lifelong lessons for personal wellness, an appreciation for athletic competition, and leadership lessons such as teamwork, sportsmanship and purposefulness. The athletics program contributes to the overall community through its unifying spirit and camaraderie associated with being a part of a team. Through an applied combination of physical fitness and wellness programs along with wellness training and competitive sports, the athletics program offers an active lifestyle, promotes good health and contributes to leadership development.

Interscholastic Sports
Healthy competition encourages initiative, individual ability, sportsmanship, leadership and teamwork. The athletics program contributes to these components by offering all cadets, regardless of prior experience, abilities or interest, the opportunity to participate in sports or activities, such as football, basketball, baseball, soccer, track and field, cross-country, wrestling, swimming, riflery, golf, tennis, hockey, and lacrosse. Sports and activities are offered at the varsity, junior varsity and middle school level.

Physical Education and Weight Training
Physical education is education through movement. It involves biology, mathematics, science and social interactions. The three learning domains of psychomotor, cognitive and affective are taught through each grade breakdown of the National Health and Physical Education Standards to teach skills, knowledge and behaviors that promote lifelong fitness. Through the five components of physical fitness, cadets develop physical and mental abilities to continue their development of overall fitness, teamwork, goal-setting, sportsmanship and critical thinking.

Health Education
Health education is education for the future. It takes knowledge of the body, mind and environment to educate and prepare young men about future life choices, changes and situations. Through the Society of Health and Physical Educators and Wisconsin State Health Standards, cadets gain knowledge about their bodies, minds and environment to make positive and healthy choices.

SJNMA is a proud member of the Midwest Classic Conference of the
Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association (WIAA).