St. John’s Northwestern

Military Academy



English as a Second Language

The goal of the English as a Second Language (ESL) program at St. John's Northwestern Military Academy is to cultivate and strengthen both the social and academic English language skills of our international student population. Our aim is to provide a curriculum that is rigorous and challenging in a supportive environment, one that values individual culture and develops instruction based on individual needs.

We meet our goal with the following objectives:

  • Assess our students upon arrival using an assessment tool that thoroughly evaluates overall English proficiency, but also evaluates the individual skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking.
    • This allows us to design instruction based on individual proficiency levels and assures proper placement.
  • Align our curriculum, instruction and assessment with the English language proficiency standards utilized by the internationally recognized organization Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL).
    • We have set our standards high so that our ESL population is able to compete with, if not surpass, their ESL peers around the globe.
  • Use a content-based ESL curriculum designed to increase academic language proficiency.
    • A content-based ESL curriculum teaches the conventions of the English language using subject area content (i.e. history, science, math). Mirroring the content taught in core subject areas increases the academic language of our ESL students, paving the way for future academic success in mainstream classes.
  • Monitor and evaluate the progress of our ESL students on a consistent basis to ensure that we are seeing steady improvement and placing them in higher levels when they are ready.

  • Continue to support our ESL students after they have made the successful transition to mainstream classes and help prepare them for entrance to a college or university.