St. John’s Northwestern

Military Academy




A primary goal of St. John’s Northwestern Military Academy is to teach boys, and help develop them into young men, a goal we have been accomplishing since 1884. In a changing world that is constantly becoming more globally integrated, we feel it is important to understand the cultures of others. Last school year, SJNMA was the proud home to 120 international cadets from 12 countries worldwide.

International Application Process
To be considered for acceptance, please supply the following:

  1. Fill out the International Application and send it via mail, fax or email along with the $100 USD application fee.
  2. Send two completed Recommendation Forms with the application. Preferably from a math and English teacher, but personalized forms of non-family members will be accepted.

  3. Send a copy of your son’s unofficial transcripts with the application.

  4. Attach a copy of your son’s Passport and/or Visa and birth certificate.

  5. TOEFL / SLEP scores if your son has taken them.

  6. Once the SJNMA enrollment staff has received all required documents, we will process the application, and a decision will typically be made within 24 to 48 hours regarding your son’s acceptance.

  7. Once accepted, we will send out the registration packet, and upon first payment / receiving of contract, we will send I-20 Visa.

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For any other information, feel free to contact our international admissions staff with questions from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. CST.