St. John’s Northwestern

Military Academy



Our Military Traditions

The structured, military-style environment at St. John’s Northwestern provides the framework for all activities. Carrying forward the Academy’s heritage and values, our military traditions include uniform dress, parades, formations, rank and promotion, internal Corps competitions, and recognition through awards. The Academy fosters a challenging yet student-centered format for cadets to compete, live and succeed. The Academy ensures cadets are immersed in the military component through:

  • A JROTC program that provides the theoretical base for practiced, mission-driven leadership and the development of citizenship skills to help motivate and focus each cadet
  • Status as a JROTC Honor Unit with Distinction, which allows special nomination privileges to United States service academies
  • Precision skills-building teams such as Silver Rifles and Raiders, and mandatory participation in full Corps of Cadets parades on campus or in the community such as the Milwaukee Veterans Day Parade and Chicago
    St. Patrick’s Day Parade
  • Civic representation as the permanent Honor Guard for the Governor of Wisconsin
Color Guard
The SJNMA Color Guard proudly displays our nation’s colors and accompanies the St. John’s Northwestern colors wherever and whenever the Corps of Cadets is present. The Color Guard is responsible for the safeguarding and periodic display of the flags of our armed forces as well as the national flags of attending cadets from other counties. During the school year, the SJNMA Color Guard participates in an average of 45 on-campus activities and 20 off-campus special events and ceremonies. In addition, the SJNMA Color Guard has been the exclusive escort to the Governor of Wisconsin since 1929. 
Silver Rifles
Since 1955, the SJNMA Silver Rifles drill team has performed for audiences locally and throughout the country. Open to all cadets, the Silver Rifles participate in ceremonies and special events throughout the school year that require a display of military precision. The team also competes in tournaments nation wide and has become known as one of the finest drill teams in America. In recent years, the Silver Rifles drill team has won several competitions, including the Army JROTC National Championship, the American Legion Coca-Cola National JROTC All Service Drill Championships and the Citadel Bulldog Classic Drill Meet.
The SJNMA JROTC Raider team is a unit that focuses on achieving superior levels of physical fitness, teamwork and camaraderie along with high levels of knowledge and proficiency in military-related skills. Training incorporates physical fitness events focused on the Army’s manual and testing, marksmanship, rappelling, orienteering and other military-type skill events. The Raider team is led by a team captain responsible to train all members to compete throughout the country in the Raider Challenge competitions. The best of the best are selected to be part of Raider Challenge. Visit the Raider School page for more details.
Rifle Team
The SJNMA JROTC Rifle team is a small dedicated group of cadets who enjoy the art of marksmanship. Each prospective member must complete a classroom-based training program on safety and weapon familiarization, and then moves on to the firing line to determine their marksmanship skills. Team size is limited to approximately 10-15 members. The Rifle team competes against other JROTC units within a three-state driving range along with postal matches with JROTC teams throughout the nation.