St. John’s Northwestern

Military Academy



Our Philosophy

We believe most boys excel best in a structured environment where they are held accountable and engaged in activities where they have the opportunity to excel. This is the heart of a St. John’s Northwestern Military Academy education – meeting the needs of boys so they are successful as students, athletes, leaders and develop into young men of character.

Boys are looking to grow, achieve and accomplish great things as they mature. At the Academy, we create the place where this can happen. We understand that boys at times need help focusing, so we remove distractions, add challenge and opportunity, and then hold them accountable to do their best. We understand boys are relational learners needing to build healthy, positive learning relationships with their mentors. Boys find it challenging to succeed without establishing these relationships with their teachers, coaches and other instructors. Our teachers are trained to emphasize this important component of teaching boys and provide each boy an opportunity to join them in learning.

St. John’s Northwestern Military Academy is a place where boys have found success since 1884. It’s because we know boys and our programs are designed for them and their needs. We believe that changing the life of a boy is one of the highest callings in education. We are looking to partner with families who agree.

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