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Post Graduate Program


Post Graduate Program

St. John's Northwestern Military Academy is tailored to the demands and needs of students seeking acceptance to one of the nation's service academies, or those looking to do work at the college level for admission to a particular college or university, or athletes with a desire to play Division I or Division II basketball.

The program is designed to prepare students for successful service academy admission as well as to provide them with 24 to 30 freshman level college course hours in English, mathematics, social studies, sciences and world languages. Students experience their freshman year in a safe, structured environment specifically developed to work with their strengths and to overcome their weaknesses to make them successful in their academic pursuits. All college courses will be taught by college professors from the University of Wisconsin-Waukesha in a special program designed and developed by St. John's Northwestern. PG athletes will have an academic program tailored specifically to their needs, keeping in mind the NCAA eligibility requirements so as not to mar their four-year eligibility.

All PG students will be in the Corps of Cadets, but under a different regime tailored to older students, yet in keeping with the Academy's commitment to its mission to immerse young men in a culture of leadership that inspires personal growth through a commitment to excellence in Academics, Spiritual and Character Development, Athletics, and our Military Traditions.

The Academy considers 24 college hours earned with a passing grade a success. Studies show that the average freshman skips 22 percent of his classes, 30 percent of the freshman class drops out within one academic year or does not return to college, and the average college drop out has $24,000 of outstanding debt with nothing to show for the experience.

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