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St. Patrick's Day Parade

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March 11, 2017


The annual St. Patrick's Day Parade showcases the Corps of Cadets as they march through downtown Chicago. Join alumni, parents and friends at the parade and attend a reception at Plumbers' Hall afterward.


There is a charge for lunch. Cost is $10 per adult ($15 at the door) and children under age 10 are free. If you are a current parent and want to charge your cadet's account for lunch at the reception, please contact the Alumni Office at (800) 234-9097 or


The Academy welcomes Miss Claire Fisher, an Irish dancer and sister of Cadet Fisher, to dance the hard shoe Irish dance after The Pipes and Drums of SJNMA perform at Plumbers' Hall. Miss Fisher is traveling with her parents from Colorado to attend the event and to visit her brother. The long grey line needs all of your support! Sign up online below, call (262) 646-7220 or (262) 646-7118, or email or to make your reservation today!


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