St. John’s Northwestern

Military Academy

Summer Programs


English as a Second Language

At St. John's Northwestern Military Academy, we believe effectively learning a second language requires the combination of several important factors: 

  1. A structured classroom setting where an expert in secondary language acquisition provides valuable and practical learning tools and vocabulary.
  2. A safe and fun environment outside the classroom that motivates cadets to use their English with native speakers in their peer group.
  3. A reduction of anxiety commonly associated with practicing a new language.
  4. A small class size that allows for individualized instruction and support.

Our exceptional program gives our international cadets:

  • ESL and academic content courses taught by certified and experienced instructors
  • An academically challenging, college preparatory environment
  • Daily interaction with cadets of several nationalities reflecting the importance of global competence and communication
  • Interaction with American cadets of the same age providing ample opportunity to practice English and make friends
  • Guidance and supervision by dedicated staff in a safe and secure environment

ESL Summer Program Options

Academic Year Program
August through June
The academic year includes two levels of middle school ESL (grades 7-8) and three levels of upper school ESL (grades 9-10). Thorough English language proficiency assessments are given when a cadet begins at the Academy to ensure proper placement. Periodic assessments are done to help determine how a cadet is improving and when he is ready to advance or exit out of ESL. Cadets are supported and tutored as needed in their academic content and elective classes. In addition to ESL and academic content classes, cadets have their choice of activities and sports that suit their interest.

Test Preparation Program 
Academic year and summer options
The Academy offers TOEFL, ACT and SAT test preparation classes to assist cadets who want to prepare for entrance exams and improve their chances of studying at a notable college or university in the United States. Cadets will be given a test before and after the preparation classes to mark improvement, determine levels, and set the necessary goals for success. Vocabulary enrichment will be an integral part of these courses.

Summer OPS Program (Opportunity for Personal Success)
July through August
Summer OPS cadets may choose to participate in Option 1, 2 or 3. Indicate your choice by completing the International Application for School and Summer Programs.