St. John’s Northwestern

Military Academy

Summer Programs


The summer Army JROTC program is offered as a part of the Summer OPS program. It is a full-credit class available as an elective credit, a social studies credit or physical education credit. We offer JROTC LEAD 1 and LEAD 2.

This program combines:

  • Wellness and Physical Fitness
  • Cadet Safety and Marksmanship
  • Foundations for Success
  • Leadership Theory and Application
  • Geography

Army JROTC has a long and proud tradition of service to the nation through the betterment of its youth. The curriculum supports St. John's Northwestern Military Academy's mission by integrating technology, linking content to state standards, integrating reading and writing, and providing character and financial education. Army JROTC provides exceptional educational opportunities and life-long leadership and decisionmaking skills to America's youth.

Army JROTC cadets set the example by being active in the community as well as school. They exemplify a tremendous work ethic and standard while serving as role models to other students.

They are not just talking about achievement, service to the community and filling leadership roles – they are doing it.

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