St. John’s Northwestern

Military Academy



Cadet Referral Program

Make a difference in the life of a new cadet
AND in your wallet!

St. John’s Northwestern Military Academy is pleased to announce the re-activation of the Cadet Referral Program. This program can actually help pay for your cadet’s tuition or incidental fees. It works like this: when you refer a new cadet to the Academy, you will earn a $750 credit. But that’s not all! The cadet that you refer will receive a $1,000 scholarship in your name that will be applied toward the cadet's account.

To receive credit, the family you are referring must put your name on the application under “From whom or what source(s) did you learn of the Academy?” Referral credits will be awarded upon the new cadet’s successful completion of new cadet training.

Want to earn more? We will reward you for your diligence. For the first four cadets you refer and are accepted, you will earn $750 each. Cadets five through eight will earn you $1,000 each toward your account and for every cadet after eight, you will earn $1,250.

If you are keeping count at home, this means if you refer 12 cadets and they are accepted, you will have $11,000 applied toward your account at St. John’s Northwestern, and every one of these cadets will have that $1,000 scholarship provided to them in your name. Refer away and earn dollars toward your tuition or incidental account!