St. John’s Northwestern

Military Academy



First Formation

First Formation is an overnight visit that offers young men an opportunity to experience St. John's Northwestern. They will learn about the cadet lifestyle while attending classes and taking part in cadet activities.

A young man's visit begins on Friday morning at 9:00 a.m., when he will take part in the Shadow a Cadet program. This allows him to attend academic classes, eat lunch, take our admissions exam, interview with school officials, and observe after school activities on campus. He will stay overnight in the barracks with the corps of cadets, concluding his First Formation on Saturday morning.

Not only do these young men experience cadet life, they become part of the cadet corps. Beginning with their first meal at the Academy, these young men will march into Welles Dining Hall along with the rest of the cadet corps. They will be taught the same courtesies and manners expected of the corps. When a young man completes First Formation, he will have met cadets who have made the commitment to improve scholarship and build character necessary for a lifetime of success.

If you and your son are interested in participating in this unique opportunity, download an application for First Formation.

2019 First Formation Dates:

January 18
April 12
May 10

And upon request