St. John’s Northwestern

Military Academy



Why Choose a Military School?

In the United States, there are military schools at every level: college preparatory, two-year college, and college and university. Each offers unique challenges and great opportunities for today’s youth in many ways:

  • Quality education is the foundation of all schools; each prepares young men and women to be strong leaders and involved citizens.
  • Character counts and military schools offer an exceptional educational experience with emphasis on character development, leadership training and academic excellence.
  • Values are important and military schools stand on core values--like honor, integrity, duty, service and self-discipline. Traditional values are the hallmarks of AMCSUS schools and the graduates we produce reflect a commitment to these values.
  • Service is rewarding and military schools emphasize developing a lifelong commitment to community and country.
  • Structure works for many, and experience suggests a structured setting provides an ideal academic environment in which to learn and mature.
  • Success can be leveraged and military schools are committed to the lifelong development and career of each graduate.

Military schools at all levels are quality educational institutions that use a unique and proven model emphasizing academic growth, leadership development and strong values to prepare young people for lives of citizenship and service. Graduates of these schools are leading our country as businessmen and women, educators, artists, scientists, doctors, entrepreneurs, military officers and government officials.

Source: Association of Military Colleges and Schools of the United States