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Alumni Military & Directory Updates

The Alumni Office, in conjunction with the Academy library, archive and senior honors history classes, continues to gather information on all men of the Academies who served from the Indian Wars and the Spanish-American War to the present day of military service to our country. Please inform the Alumni Office by mail, email or phone of your service and, if possible, others you know who also served. If you have some interesting anecdotes, stories or publications, feel free to include these in your response to the Alumni Office.

In addition, all alumni are asked to notify the Alumni Office of a change in address, college graduation and employment status.

The following information is requested, if applicable:

Address Change


Current Residence (address, city, state, zip code and country)

Phone Number

Email Address

College/Service Academy

College/Service Academy Attended

Degree Received

Graduation Date


Company Name

Company City and State

Position Title

Date Employment Began

Military Service

Military Branch

Unit/Company Information


Years/Time Served

Countries, Conflicts and/or Areas (bases, stations, ships, etc.) Where Unit Served

Citations, Awards and/or Recognition Received

Send your updates to:
Alumni Office
1101 Genesee Street
Delafield, WI  53018
Phone: (262) 646-7220 or (800) 234-9097