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Photo Name Title Email Phone Profile
Photo for Ahlgren, Lynette Ahlgren, Lynette Registrar Email 262-646-7213 Profile
Photo for Ahlgren, Scott Ahlgren, Scott Science Instructor Email 262-646-7277 Profile
Photo for Albert, Jack Albert, Jack President Email 262-646-7111 Profile
  Anderson, Bradley RFO Email 262-646-7250 Profile
Photo for Barder, William Barder, William Instructor Email 262-646-7266 Profile
Photo for Beck, Heidi Beck, Heidi Email 262-646-7283 Profile
Photo for Bennett, Jon Bennett, Jon History Instructor Email 262-646-7214 Profile
Photo for Braatz, Ping Braatz, Ping Instr/International Enrol Email 262-646-7227 Profile
Photo for Braman, Rob Braman, Rob Instructor Email 262-646-7279 Profile
Photo for Brill, Dan Brill, Dan Instructor Email 262-646-7215 Profile
Photo for Brooks, Dennis Brooks, Dennis Instructor Email 262-646-7126 Profile
Photo for Buege, Jaime Buege, Jaime Director Public Affairs Email 262-646-7244 Profile
Photo for Carl, David Carl, David Asst to the President Email 262-646-7202 Profile
Photo for Castellani, Brian Castellani, Brian Special Projects Coordinator Email 262-646-7137 Profile
  Choate, Roland RFO Email 2626462761
Photo for Cieslewicz, James Cieslewicz, James RFO Email 262-646-7267 Profile
Photo for Collar, Susan Collar, Susan Spanish Instructor Email 262-646-7183 Profile
Photo for Collins, Marla Collins, Marla Librarian Email 262-646-7119 Profile
Photo for Courtney, Tyrone Courtney, Tyrone Mouso Hall Manager Email 262-646-7159 Profile
Photo for David, Eric David, Eric Commandant Email 262-646-7112 Profile
Photo for David, LaVina David, LaVina Resident Faculty Officer Email 262-646-7242 Profile
Photo for Donaldson, P/Maj. Brian Donaldson, P/Maj. Brian Bagpipe Instructor Email 262-646-7215 Profile
Photo for Feller, Quinn Feller, Quinn Website and Archives Manager Email 262-646-7197 Profile
  Fernandez, Itzia RFO Email 262-646-7242 Profile
Photo for Fink, Michael Fink, Michael Athletic Director Email 262-646-7149 Profile
Photo for Firkus, Debbie Firkus, Debbie Assistant to President Email 262-646-7111 Profile
Photo for Flatland, Ashley Flatland, Ashley Administrative Assistant Email 262-646-7118 Profile
Photo for Frame, Adam Frame, Adam RFO Email 262-646-7248 Profile
Photo for Gagnon, Anna Gagnon, Anna Administrative Assistant Email 262-646-7113 Profile
Photo for Garcia, Juan Carlos Garcia, Juan Carlos Enrollment Counselor Email 262-646-7115 Profile
Photo for Genthe, Lauren Genthe, Lauren A/R & A/P Clerk Email 262-646-7290 Profile
Photo for Gutierrez, Teresa Gutierrez, Teresa Director of Human Resources Services Email 262-646-7140 Profile
Photo for Hafeli, Eric Hafeli, Eric Math Instructor Email 262-646-7271 Profile
Photo for Ihler, Stephanie Ihler, Stephanie ESL Instructor Email 262-646-7186 Profile
Photo for Johnson, Erica Johnson, Erica Instructor Email 262-646-7108 Profile
Photo for Johnson, Sally Johnson, Sally Comptroller Email 262-646-7114 Profile
Photo for Jorgensen, Conrad Jorgensen, Conrad Band Instructor Email 262-646-7174 Profile
Photo for Kebisek, James Kebisek, James Director of Mililtary Op Email 262-646-7228 Profile
Photo for Kim, Chan Kim, Chan RFO Email 262-646-7255 Profile
Photo for Klosinski, Theresa Klosinski, Theresa Resident Faculty Officer Email 262-646-7242 Profile
Photo for Kloth, Ann-Christin Kloth, Ann-Christin German Instructor Email 262-646-7200 Profile
Photo for Kopaczewski, Anita Kopaczewski, Anita Director of Alumni Email 262-646-7220 Profile
Photo for Langreder, Laura Langreder, Laura Cadet Store Manager Email 262-646-7198 Profile
Photo for LaVictor, Brandon LaVictor, Brandon Deputy Commandant Email 262-646-7237 Profile
Photo for Lovelace, Kevin Lovelace, Kevin Resident Faculty Officer Email 262-646-7255 Profile
Photo for Matz, Stephen Matz, Stephen Vice President, Development & Alumni Email 262-646-7184 Profile
Photo for Mauer, Polly Mauer, Polly Director of Totzke Learning Center Email 262-646-7144 Profile
Photo for Mauer, Tom Mauer, Tom Boy Scouts/SCUBA Email Profile
Photo for Mazurek, Jill Mazurek, Jill Dir, Cadet Programs Email 262-646-7102 Profile
Photo for McNamara, Kate McNamara, Kate Cadet Store Clerk Email 262-646-7133 Profile
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