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St. John's Northwestern ESL Academy

ESL Intensive English Orientation for New SJNMA International Cadets: August 13-28, 2018

ESL Intensive English Course for Returning SJNMA International Cadets: August 13-28, 2018

SJNMA Academic Year for All Cadets: August 29, 2018–June 2, 2019



The mission of the SJNMA ESL Academy is to provide a challenging and relevant English as a Second Language educational program that prepares international young people for academic success at the pre-college level through a supportive English immersion curriculum and series of cultural experiences.


Language Goals

The language goals of the ESL Academy are to cultivate and strengthen both the social and academic English language skills of our international student population in order to increase their ability to perform well socially and academically in the mainstream content area classroom.



The curriculum in the SJNMA ESL Academy will be developed based up the internationally recognized standards of TESOL (Teacher of English to Speakers of Other Languages). Published in 2006, the TESOL standards were developed in order to "bring non-English speaking students closer to the educational mainstream by standards that set high expectations for these students’ command of English and for their overall academic achievement" in the mainstream classroom.
TESOL standards also provide a national cohesion by aligning with and meeting the high expectations of the Common Core Standards in academic content areas. Because they complement other academic discipline standards, the goal of the SJNMA ESL Institute in using the TESOL standards is to strengthen a student’s English proficiency in academic content areas, such as science, history, math, and technology, in order to improve their chances for success in the mainstream English classroom and beyond.

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