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Sponsorships provide vital support for The Excalibur. 2019 sponsors include:


Fred and Teri Leach S'74 - Trustee




Bob and Karen Hawksley - Parents 

Schneider Wealth Management
of Wells Fargo Advisors



Adekunle and Victoria Adesokan - Parents

Dr. Crain and Mrs. Maggie Bliwas N'65 - Board Chairman Emeritus

Bard Boand N'67 - Trustee

Bob and Nanette Bramlett S'70

David and Judy Carl S'83 - Staff

Neil and Debra Fairfield - Parents

Families of Jeronimo Gonzalez '23 and Maximo Patron '23

Mike and Kim Henn H'16 - Board Chairman

William and Susan Hummel N'68; H'10 - Trustee 

Anthony and Joan Lazzara S'48 - Trustee

The Orsini Family - Parents

The Polivka Family
Jack S'44 - Trustee, Tom S'77, Vlad '18

Ricky and Grace Tan '99 - Trustee

The Wheeler Family - Parents

Randy & Wendi Lauer - Parents; Trustee

Ricky & Grace Tan '99 - Trustee

The Polivka Family
Jack S'44 - Trustee, Tom S'77, Vlad'18


Cadet Appreciation

John and Tony Jensen
in Honor of
DC Jensen '20

Dean and Sarah Mair
in Honor of
Austin Mair '21
Grayson Mair '19

Geoff and Valerie Ward
in Honor of
Zach Gargano '20