St. John’s Northwestern

Military Academy



Capital Improvements

Capital improvements include both the construction of new facilities and the renovation or upgrade of those already in existence.

Currently, the Academy has three major capital improvement goals:

  1. Retiring all obligations incurred while completing the long-overdue refurbishing of our barracks. This project, already completed, involved a major overhaul that included asbestos and lead abatement, tuck pointing and new roofs, new plumbing and bathroom remodels, renovated cadet lounges, and security upgrades.
  2. Constructing a new Performing Arts Center. This facility will house an auditorium with superb acoustics and instructional spaces for band, choir, bagpipes and visual arts.
  3. Completing improvements to our outdoor athletic complex by refurbishing our tennis courts. We have raised enough money to partially complete this project and replaced the courts on the east side of the Birk Memorial Infirmary. Current plans include upgrading the courts closest to the west of Mouso Hall and creating more green space. This also includes building a new fencing enclosure around the new courts, which will provide for a more enjoyable tennis experience. Our goal is for tournament tennis to once again be hosted on campus.

For naming rights or other information on these projects, please contact the Development Office at (800) 234-9097 or