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Camp Testimonials

"My son had a great time at summer camp and the closing ceremony was a very nice final touch. I had a dozen plus emails and calls from friends asking why I sent him to military school for camp, so I wrote a blog post to help explain why I did something different. I thought it might be interesting or helpful for other moms who are wondering if they should send their kids to a summer program at SJNMA." - Amy Burford, mother of Grant Heidrich

"We were looking for a summer camp experience for our son that would help him to realize his potential as well as have fun. The discipline, encouraging staff and challenging activities fit the bill on both counts. In fact, he liked the experience so much that he asked to attend St. John's Northwestern as a cadet the following school year."
- Brian and Cindy Dearing, parents of Sam Dearing 2012

"Adventure camp was a great way for my son to participate in unique outdoor experiences, and 'test out' SJNMA to see if it was a good fit for him to attend as a full-time student. He enjoyed the summer camp, and met some nice boys and instructors who he felt a kinship to. It was a fun experience for him, as well as a good transition for me having him away from home during the academic school year."
- Linda Starkey, mother of David Starkey 2013

"Camp is really fun and a lot of exciting things to do. You get to do things at camp that you may never have done and you feel great. You want to do it again and again."
- Cadet Anthony Bach 2013, who attended Camp St. John's Northwestern five years in a row

"Garrett attended Camp St. John's Northwestern in summer 2012. He said it was the highlight of his summer and he is very excited to return! Garrett's passion is studying history and he loves the role that St. John's Northwestern played in his grandfather's life."
- V. Prybell, mother of Garrett Prybell