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Summer OPS

June 24 - July 28, 2018

Summer OPS (Opportunities for Personal Success) is a five-week academic program available to young men and women entering grades 7-12 with the goal of providing an opportunity for them to advance in their academics while developing character and leadership skills in the best learning environment possible. This hands-on, project-learning environment also includes sports and activities. Included in this five-week program is an ACT Preparation class to help cadets in their upcoming college testing requirements.

Summer OPS offers several areas of concentration:

  • Academic classes that emphasize hands-on learning while offering a project-orientated approach to learning the subject material
  • Opportunity to earn additional credit in a new class or raise a grade through taking an enrichment class (a class previously taken with unsatisfactory results)
  • Physical training and social activities are incorporated into the program along with several sports camps offerings
  • Opportunities are available to hold leadership positions within the program's military structure

Every weekend during Summer OPS, each cadet will have structured activities and outings that are included in the program costs such as:

  • Obstacle course
  • President's Challenge
  • Archery
  • Paintball
  • Water park
  • Go Karting

For questions or to register for the Summer OPS program, call Enrollment Services at (800) 752-2338 or complete a contact form.


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