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Raider Training Camp | Grades 7-12 | August 12-21, 2019

Raider up!

The JROTC Department of St. John's Northwestern Military Academy started the Raider School in fall 2014. Raider School is designed to give young men and women the opportunity to expand their knowledge, enhance self-confidence, and develop themselves both individually and as a member of a team. The Raider experience will allow them to stretch their physical, emotional and mental limits by operating outside their normal comfort zone. We believe there is no such thing as tough. You are either trained or untrained.

This school will afford cadets the opportunity to be highly competitive both regionally and at the national level among hundreds of other programs. Cadets who earn a place on the competing team will have opportunities to travel all over the country for Raider Challenge Meets including Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Georgia, Kansas, Missouri and Hawaii. Non-SJNMA participants who graduate from the SJNMA Raider School will be better qualified for their school's Raiders Challenge team.

Equipment Required:
  • ACUs (x3) w/boots (summer)
  • Standard CamelBak 
  • All necessary gear for Cadet Life

Welcome letter for those registered will include a detailed packing list.

  • Participants can be young men and women in grades 7-12. Note: Only grades 9-12 are eligible to compete at Raider Meets.

  • Participants can expect to carry a 35 lb. pack over rugged terrain and obstacles in varied weather conditions (heat, cold, rain, etc).

  • Additionally, approximately 25-30 miles run/walk will be covered throughout camp at varied elevations.

  • Participants must be physically fit and able to sustain continual exertion. Note: There will be “Beginners” level training for those close, but not able to pass a Fitness Test.

  • Cadets are required to have a current Sports Physical on file at SJNMA, which can be completed from home or at Birk Memorial Infirmary on campus.


$575 - (includes room & board)

Daily Schedule:

0530-0600    Wake Up/Personal Hygiene
0600-0745    Physical Training
0800-0830    Hot Breakfast
0830-0900    Personal Hygiene/Prep For Training
0900-1200    Training Block
1200-1230    Hot Lunch
1230-1400    Presentations & Practical Application
1400-1800    Training Block
1800-1830    Hot Dinner
1830-0530    Rest & Refresh

Training Blocks:
  • Raider Mile
  • Land Nav/Map Skills
  • Obstacle Course
  • Knots
  • First Aid
  • 3/6/8/10/12/14K
  • Ruck Run
  • Climbing/Rappelling
  • Physical Conditioning
  • Water Survival
  • Rope Bridge
  • Raider Skills Course
  • Full Raider Challenge

Army Values & Character Development
Imposed Stress
Team Development


LTC (Ret.) Jim Kebisek, Senior Army Instructor

SFC (Ret.) Mike Trione, JROTC Instructor


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